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Domestic Goddess


I have several issues with yoghurt:

1. I am lactose-intolerant, or at least, have issues with dairy. It seems more related to the fat content though, so low-fat yoghurt, hard cheese and skim milk are generally okay in small amounts. Cream, ice cream, soft cheese and giant iced coffees, not so much.

2. Texture. It has none.

3. During my babysitting years I spent a lot of time spoon-feeding yoghurt to babies who would promptly dribble it out, get it all over their face and hands, and then smear it all over me. Once you've had to wash yoghurt mixed with snot out of your hair, you kind of go off the idea of putting yoghurt in your mouth.

Nonetheless, I'm on my third round of antiobiotics this year, for my third sinus infection this year (Doctor: "Your sinuses probably don't drain properly." Me: "Um, thanks."), and decided now would be a good time to learn to like yoghurt since it's so good for you and all. ("It makes your insides go out!" -- Sarah Haskins, Target Women.) My first problem was deciding which yoghurt to buy from the wall of the stuff at the supermarket. Low-fat, no fat, high fat, low-sugar, high-flavour high-sugar high-fat, guilt-free, fat-free, taste-free, probiotics, prebiotics (huh), antidisestablishmentbiotics. I don't even know. I know I should just buy low-fat natural unsweetened yoghurt, but I'm not there yet.

My second problem was how to make it palatable and not like dribbly baby food. Solution: muesli! Crunchy and somewhat healthy with tasty fruits and things and probably better for me than my usual breakfast of Vegemite toast (I don't do cereal because of the dairy thing, and also, because I don't like mushy food groosss). Conclusion: I like yoghurt and muesli. It is good for me. YAY I'M A GROWN-UP.

Other grown-up things: twice this week went to nice restaurants with Boyfriend and ate duck. I usually ignore duck on menus because I'm not keen on it and Boyfriend loves it, but both occasions this week were set menus so duck it was. And OMG! So good. Both dishes were roasted duck breast with various delicious things. Duck is my new favourite thing, after petit fours -- it's like an extra dessert but also, sweeties! However, cannot shake the feeling that sommeliers at fancy restaurants always think I'm an idiot because of my wine choices, but perhaps that is a post for another time.

Gonna make sticky date pudding tonight, oh yes.


I buy either plain non-fat or low fat Greek yogurt. It's thicker and richer than regular. I get plain because the stuff that has other stuff added to it is usually way high in sugar.

I like to mix in frozen fruit (or fresh in season), but it's really good with frozen berries. I'll also mix in some good cinnamon (it's GOOD for you) and maybe some honey if the fruit isn't sweet enough.

I have never had duck, but have always wanted to try it. I love every other fowl, so figure I would duck, too.
Yes, the sugar or whatever they add instead of sugar is pretty ridiculous. I spend a lot of time reading labels before comitting to buy anything. Berries is a good idea, and honey when I move up to completely unsweetened yoghurt.

I don't usually like strong-tasting meats, not even dark meat on chicken, so I was really surprised that I enjoyed duck. :D
I really like yogurt but it's definitely hit or miss based on the brand. I tend to by a local brand that's thicker and has a bit of texture. Museili or granola is a great mix-in to give it more flavor/texture.

Sarah Haskins freaking rocks. I was so depressed when she left Infomania. The new woman (I'm spacing her name) does some funny stuff but Haskins rocks.
I have to admit that I stopped watching once Sarah Haskins left! Naughty. I should try some local yoghurt brands though, good idea. I need to go to the yuppie small-producers market more often.
I'm a yogurt whore, but not that nasty sweet corn-syrupy commercial nonsense. There are a lot of dairies around here that do Greek-style yogurt, which is nice and thick and tangy, and excellent for cooking. I also like it with some fruit and crunchy granola bits.

DUCK IS THE BEST THING EVER, OMG. If you visit the States, I am dragging you to Atlantic City, where I had the most amazing Peking duck of my life.
I need to try some local stuff. Greek-style is probably the way to go.

Deal! I've never had Peking Duck either. I'm a little scared of all the fat and skin, but I'll give it a go. :D
I laughed so hard at this post!

I, too, can only tolerate yoghurt when its texture is disguised with some nice muesli. :D
Bb, where you at? Update me on your life story, pls.
I've had ups and downs in my relationship with yoghurt, but I have developed a weakness for it. Low-fat natural yoghurt mixed with cinnamon (=/- a little sugar, it's up to you) is really nice. :)

A friend is lactose intolerant and is apparently making her own (soya? idk) yoghurt - I think you have to get the culture from somewhere and then once you have a batch, you use a little of it to get the next batch going, so it's like a perpetual motion machine of... yohurt. /more than you wanted to know
My dad used to make yoghurt. I think yoghurt makers were the next big home appliance after bread makers, haha. I'm not going to go down the soy route just yet. My sister has worse lactose intolerant and she makes soy milk smoothies (without yoghurt) that are quite nice, but I don't care much for soy milk generally and don't see a need to use it... yet.