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I went to the shops three times yesterday. What is wrong with me?! First I did the big grocery shop for Christmas. I got in early, at five to nine, but the place was bustling. It wasn't too bad in the supermarket to begin with, but then I had my usual moment of being unable to find a key item and had to wander the aisles bleating ineffectually until I stumbled upon it, while the crowds slowly swelled. The shopping itself only took me about an hour. The check-out? Twenty minutes. Slowest check-out dude ever.

Then, of course, on the way home I remembered I had left something we needed off the list entirely, and there were a couple of things I couldn't find, so I went out again, this time with my dad, and we also went to Uncle Dan's and bought the alcohol. AND THEN, my sister came home from work and convinced me to go clothes shopping with her. Foolishly, I did. But we survived.

Today, though? My main tasks are washing my hair and perhaps some light cleaning. I ain't going nowhere except church this evening. Bro's arrived, so the whole family is here, and we're looking forward to our first Christmas at home together in a very long time.

A very merry Christmas to all who are celebrating. <3
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