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born to be wilde II

So for Easter I went away to the north coast with my boyfriend and his family. This was the view from the house:

Ah, the serenity.

It was a couple of days of drinking and eating and being very, very lazy. The Easter Bunny visited, as did a couple of kangaroos. On Easter Sunday we went into town for the annual duck races:

None of my ducks won, but I got a sausage from the sausage sizzle and watched small children go on an Easter egg hunt, so all in all it was a good day. I also had a great nap.

I read Never Let Me Go for the first time and liked it, although I wished I had read it when it first came out like I wanted to, because I already knew how it would go. Knowing the main actors in the adaptation, I started picturing Keira Knightley as Kathy in my head, and Carey Mulligan as Ruth, only to find out that the casting is the opposite. I'll be so confused when I see the movie.

Since my return have been frantically trying to catch up on work while fighting off the possibility of yet another cold or similar virus. Am in Brisbane this weekend so my good health and continued good work is vital. I'm on track with the work... sort of. I think.

It's also REALLY COLD. Turns out April is the cruellest month because autumn takes you unawares and you think how can it be this bad when it's not even really winter what am I going to do dear Lord WHAT WILL I DO. I am fairly sure I have a selective memory when it comes to the seasons, as every year the cold weather scares me anew. I tell myself I've been colder, and how can this get as bad as winter in Leeds, with the snow and the wind and all, and yet, I dread it. You can take the girl out of Queensland...

Anyway, turns out this house is also ridiculously cold. I mean, it's on par with the outside temp if not slightly lower, even with doors and windows closed. My previous apartment was like an oven, so this is quite a change. We've got a gas heater in the living room but I might have to get a heater for my bedroom and swallow the costs as winter progresses, because, man. I'm typing through ice, and have had two quilts on my bed for weeks now. *cricri*


Duck races. LOLOLOLOLOL. Are those real ducks or rubber ducks because they're YELLOW? (Yes you can yell at me if you like). :P

Lovely pics and I'm glad you had a good Easter.

Um... what temp is 'cold' down there inquiring minds want to know. Finally, STOP GETTING SICK! <3 as always.
Rubber duckies! I fully expected real ducks until we got there. I also thought they'd be walking on land rather than swimming. *facepalm*

I am not telling you the temp! You will just tell me it isn't really cold! I don't care! IT'S COLD TO ME. *sob*
Well it isn't *really* cold but I understand because my Dad who lives in Florida normally was frozen like an icicle all winter long up here in the Northern Tundra of the US. haha. x
I'm not from Queensland and I think it's cold in Sydney tonight. I think the heater will go on. In April!!

I've ordered the book to see if it is better than the film. I thought the film was OK but I felt that like many films based on books there was a sense that a lot of the book probably didn't get covered in the film. It is not for the depressed though, it wasn't a burst into tears movie just one of continuing quiet despair that nothing will change.

Oh good! Glad it's not just me.

The book has that same tone of despair as well. Certainly not a cheerful read.
It looks so nice there! :)

I remember our school had a duck race every year (a river ran through the grounds); the first time I saw signs everywhere I had no idea wtf this was about, and also wondered about real ducks until someone filled me in!

Your flat sounds just like my flat - last winter we had an actual breeze... IN THE HALL. Never could find out where it was getting in! That was when I began to worry ever so slightly about our safety; finally and with great reluctance I cranked the heating way up (normally we just heat the room we're in) and figured it was worth the bills to stay alive!
We have many windows and doors and draughts, being at the end of a row of terraces. Suspect the walls are uninsulated as well. Would kill for central heating, just as I'd have killed for airconditioning at the height of summer. Alas, neither are the Done Thing here in Sydney, it seems.
Looks lovely! I think the duck races pwn. XD

I don't think people get how cold apartments can be. My God, I have never been as cold in England, even during the Big Freeze last year, as I have been in Spain in winter. I feel your pain, bb. Kind of.

At least your sense of humour is intact? *tags* Ahahaha. :D
It's a house! Not an apartment! Albeit a terrace house, which I'm still not fully convinced counts as a real house. Anyway, we're on the corner so exposed on three sides anyway.

Well, it's true. :D


It is a bit cold. But I like it. The heat kills me. The doona is on the bed, and I got out a nice mohair shawl to wear ro choir tonight. Maybe you need a mohair throw to wrap yourself in?
That view is so nice!

I am slightly confused about duck racing. How does one race ducks? It looks adorable, however it works...
They just dump a load of ducks into the river and let the current carry them. The ducks all had numbers, and the first three past the finish line won prizes for those people who happened to get those numbers. Random, but fun indeed.